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Using a combination of our proprietary photogrammic rendering algorithm and the use of 360° cameras, we capture and render real world locations that can be explored in virtual reality. We create custom virtual reality tours that allow our clients to virtually travel to significant places of their past and relive memories in a level of depth that is vastly superior to photos and videos. We are capable of capturing and rendering interiors, exteriors and live events such as a wedding or graduation so that loved ones who are unable to travel to these events can experience them as if they were there. We primarily work with those who are suffering with memory loss. With the help of an individual's family, we are able to create a personal experience composed of important memories and melodies to help aid those suffering with memory loss in the struggle to piece together memories of their past. 



Our virtual experiences are not only visual but heavily implement music. We pair users with radio hits of their youth that play while they explore our virtual environments. We believe heavily in the power of music and melody and the amazing impact it can have in aiding the process of recalling experiences of our past.

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Revolutionizing the nursing home experience

According to the CDC there are more than sixteen million seniors living in nursing homes across america. Unfortunately many nursing home residents suffer are unable to travel to places of personal significance due to a physical disability or restriction. We visit nursing homes, primarily those in Minnesota, and allow residents to travel to places around the world that mean the world to them. This includes visiting old houses, traveling to national parks and monuments and exploring the streets they grew up on. We allow our users travel the world all from the comfort of their room. If you or a loved one could benefit from our service and would like us to visit your nursing home, please follow the link below. 



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