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The College Freshman Who's Experiment Has Revolutionized The Modern Nursing Home Experience.

Rift: An Eye Opening Experience was founded by Enzo Vinholi. Enzo spent much of his early life with his grandmother who unfortunately had an unexpected stroke and was forced to return to her country of origin, Brazil. Unable to return to the United States, she would often ask Enzo to send photos and describe over the phone how his home and city had changed since her time in the US. Enzo was determined to find a better way to show his grandmother the city she missed so dearly. An avid technology user, Enzo was intrigued with the new developments made in recent years around virtual reality, so he researched a way to combine virtual reality with satellite imagery and a process called photogrammetry in order to render a complete 360°, three dimensional version of his living room that could be explored using an Oculus Rift device. Inspired by the amazing cognitive and retentive benefits that this experience was able to produce, Enzo created Rift: An Eye Opening Experience™ in order to create similar experiences for individuals whom lack the ability to return to places of personal and emotional importance. You can read more about the inspiration behind Enzo's idea here.

Whats Next For Rift: An Eye Opening Experience™?

Enzo has always expressed an interest in bringing the services provided by Rift: An Eye Opening Experience™ to children and seniors facing terminal illnesses in hospitals. In the coming months we plan to offer our services in 10 new assisted living facilities and nursing homes in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are working on expanding into hospitals across the Twin Cities.


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